Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Dialogue - Expressions of Admiration


Audrey and Ashley attend a friend's birthday party, Amanda, in a restaurant at night.
Audrey: Hi, Ashley! What a beautiful dress you wear!
Ashley: Thanks Audrey, you're also wearing a beautiful dress tonight.
Audrey: Oh, Ashley how good you are!
Ashley: Hha ... thanks. By the way, I'm very thirsty now. And I want to take a drink of juice on the table. Would you like me to get well?
Audrey: Yes, please.


Michelle and Michael were having dinner at the restaurant near the beach.
Michelle: Wow, what a beautiful scenery it is!
Michael: Yes, you right. How romantic place it is! Is not it?
Michelle: Yes, it is. You're absolutely right Michael! It is a great place with wonderful beach!
Michael: Hha ... how excited were you tell it! Yes, indeed. No wonder many people who come here. Is not it?
Michelle: Yeah, right. By the way, are you hungry?
Michael: Yes, absolutely right.
Michelle: Well, then, will I order food for you.
Michael: Ok, thanks.

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